Tiny Things Grow into Big Things: the Awesome Power of Tiny Habits

Shut Up & Write! The Power of A Tiny Writing Habit Tips for creating a daily writing habit

When you imagine your perfect daily writing practice, do the words roll off your keyboard as easily as breathing? Are your days filled with hours and hours of writing?

How do you make that dream a reality? If you’re still struggling to be consistent with your writing practice, what you might need to start with… is a tiny habit.

Tiny habits are, according to behavior scientist B.J. Fogg, new habits that are so small they take very little motivation to complete. Rather than writing an hour a day at your favorite coffee shop, Fogg might suggest starting with 4 sentences a day.

Why does it work? Because by completing that one action every day – something simple and small and seemingly insignificant – you create a habit. Even if it’s only four sentences a day, you have a stable daily writing habit.

And once that habit is established, you can grow it – from a few sentences to a couple pages.

So, how do you start these tiny habits?

The beautiful thing about tiny habits is that they are so small that there isn’t a “wrong way” to start. Just decide on the smallest goal you can think of for your writing.

It could be four sentences a day, maybe even fewer! Whatever seems so easy that there is no excuse not to get it done. Maybe it’s 50 words. Pick something you can do every day.

Then do it over and over again. Once you have your tiny writing habit in place, you can build on it. Write 5 sentences a day, then ten. If you’re struggling to carve out time to write, start with a tiny habit to build your momentum.

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