Selecting the Day/Time and Location for Your Event

We like to always host our events at the same day, time, and location each week because it allows our writers to develop consistency around writing. Make sure as you choose a time and location that works for you and you can commit to each week – this is one of the benefits of hosting your own event!

Choosing a Day and Time

Choose a day and time that works best for your schedule and your writing. We have events at all times of day from early morning to late evening and everything in-between. If you have no preference about time or day, weekend days and evenings tend to get slightly higher turnout simply because the 9-5 crowd is able to join. That being said, pick whatever time is convenient for you, and you will still find your regular group over time.

Once you know when each week you’d like to host, you’ll need to decide on the actual date of your very first event. We usually recommend picking a day for your first meetup that is about two weeks out so that it gives other writers a chance to find the event and RSVP.

Tips for Choosing a Location

Find a nearby venue that might be a good fit for people to “Shut Up & Write!”. We recommend that it have plenty of comfortable seating and carry food and drink options. Coffee shops are the most popular choice, but bookshops, libraries and sandwich shops are also common.

We strongly recommend that you choose a place with free WIFI for its guests. Part of the role as Organizer is to promote the resources and services that are offered by the Shut Up & Write! platform. If you have your heart set on a place that does not offer WIFI, then it will be your responsibility to provide a device or a tether that will allow you to still take attendance and facilitate signups online.

When you have a place in mind, reach out to the owners or managers and ask if it’s alright that you host a weekly event there for a little over an hour. Let them know that you will encourage your writers to purchase food and drinks to support the venue (if they are offered at that location). Find out if it’s possible that you reserve tables in advance if you think it’s the kind of place that you would need to do so.

Once you’ve decided on the day, time, and location for your first event, you will be all set to get your first event scheduled on your local chapter’s calendar!

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