Code of Conduct

In order to provide a safe, positive experience for all of our members, we ask those who attend our events or participate in our online forums to respect the following rules and guidelines. 

What you should be here for:

  • Writing quietly with members in the community
  • Connecting and sharing ideas on the craft of writing
  • Supporting others in their writing practice

An easy way to assess your own participation at events is to ask yourself: Will this empower me or anyone around me to get our writing done?

Age Requirements

We know that minors and teens also love to write, therefore we allow participation by those under 18 years of age only with the supervision of a parent or guardian present during the Shut Up & Write activity.

Prohibited Behavior: Any violation of the following rules will result in disciplinary action at our discretion.

  • Harassment: We do not tolerate harassment of our members in any form. This includes unwanted advances, verbal abuse, or any other harassing behavior that makes other members feel threatened or unsafe.
  • Discrimination: We do not tolerate any behavior that excludes members based on gender, race, sexuality, ethnicity, or nationality.
  • Inappropriate behavior: Our meetings are appropriate for all ages. Language or behavior that is considered lewd or inappropriate for a minor’s consumption is prohibited.
  • Violation of privacy or security: We do not tolerate any violations of another member’s privacy or security, including sharing personal information without another member’s consent.
  • Overt sales and solicitation: Please do not use our platform to broadly market your other affiliations, paid goods and services, or events occurring outside the Shut Up & Write community.
  • Violent behavior
  • Illegal behavior

Find our full Terms of Use here:

Meetup Policies: Shut Up & Write events scheduled through must additionally abide by Meetup’s groups and events policies as well as our own.

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