Checklist: Before, During, & After Your Event

Pre-Event Checklist

  • Check the event on Meetup in the days leading up to the event and see how many people have RSVPed. Note that no-shows are, unfortunately, a common Meetup occurrence, so you might not get quite as many people showing up as it says. You also might get some people showing up who did not RSVP. Don’t be discouraged by this! The longer you host, the more regular attendees you can count on.
  • Print out our tabletop sign and bring it to the event so that people can find you!
  • Follow the format for the event (see below)
  • Have a great time, and we hope you get a lot of writing done!

Shut Up & Write Event Format

  • Introduce yourself at the start
  • If this is the first event, or if there are any new members, introduce Shut Up & Write and give a brief overview of its history and method
  • Mention the number of chapter cities and countries that are currently part of the community
  • Give any announcements provided by HQ
  • Ask everyone to say their name, and what they’re working on. Take attendance as each person introduces themselves.
  • Start the timer and tell everyone to “Shut Up & Write!”
  • After an hour, call the time. Say “It’s been a hour. How’d everyone do?” Give everyone a chance to briefly say what they got done this session and how they feel about it.
  • Invite discussion, but it’s OK if people pack up and leave or simply continue working.
  • Say “Thank you for coming!”
  • Take attendance using the Meetup app

Post-Event Checklist

  • Go to the event page and mark attendance (if you haven’t already)
  • Consider saying “It was good to see you!” to those who attended by leaving a comment on the event page.
  • Copy your old event to setup the next one, or use the option to have an event repeat automatically. Any changes you make to recurring events will be done with the option to “Edit the Series.”
  • If this was your first event, please send us an email to let us know how it went!

If there’s ever anything we can do to support you and your weekly event, reach out to us at

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