The Best of the 2017 San Francisco Writers Conference

Shut Up & Write! - San Francisco Writers Conference Highlights

After my second year at the San Francisco Writers Conference, I have lots of ideas and insights for where to take both of my novels, how to revise my pitch, and which agents to query next. But in the mean time, here are my conference highlights condensed to a few tweets. Happy to elaborate and start a conversation in the comments!


How to Pitch Literary Agents


How to Write a Query Letter to a Literary Agent


Make Your Readers Turn the Page


On Self-revision

The Beauty of Poetry & Music


Happy Writing Takeaways!

** Reposted with permission from ArsensalOfWords **

Published by Arthur Klepchukov

Art writes literary & speculative fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. Currently querying agents with #MechanicalFlowers, his literary science fiction novel.

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