Another Year at Bay Area Book Festival

This year’s 2018 Bay Area Book Festival (BABF) was awesome! Coming off our April 30 Days of Writing challenge, we were excited to connect with local writers from all over the Bay Area, including San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Marin, San Jose and more.

The booths around us were filled with publishers, authors, literacy programs, religious groups, and multimedia artists. It was inspiring to see all the splendid work these organizations are doing. We met with so many amazing people that, even though I was manning our Shut Up & Write! booth both days, I was left excited and energized the entire weekend.

Since last year’s BABF our community have grown in leaps and bounds, and it was so much fun talking to our community members who stopped by to tell us how much their local Shut Up and Write! events have helped their writing craft. With almost 50 chapters spread over 10 counties, we were ecstatic every time one of our members stopped by, and equally excited to talk to the new comers.

The most rewarding part of the festival for me, were when writers came to our booth to tell us how most of book had been written at Shut Up & Write! events. This was my first BABF and I lead a relatively new chapter in Seattle, so that was completely new to me.

It was so exciting to hear how much of a difference our events made for these authors. We were so happy to grab a copy of their works and I’m so excited to see the next round of books written in our community events.

If you’re a local and didn’t get the change to visit the festival this year, we missed ya and hope you come out next year. It is such an amazing event with so much to offer our writing community. No matter what genre you work in and no matter what part of the writing process you’re in, stop by and say hello!

Published by Jeremy Thweatt

Seattle Chapter, Organizer Content developer, Juice+ Distributor, martial-arts specialist

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